Best Trip Hightlights, 2021

Marcelo Barbosa
January 19, 2021

Best Trip Hightlights, 2021

Best Trip Highlights Dec. ’20/Feb. ’21’
February, 2021
Despite the Pandemic, Boute Expeditions has been quite active, no just planning tours for the coming Jaguar Photo Safari Season, at the Brazilian Pantanal & Birding Tours for several locations within Brazil, but, also giving support to local people:   We donated a bicycle to a Park Ranger, at the county of Capela, where he works preserving the ” Mata do Junco Reserve”, and, also giving training to an young biologist, that wants to work as a professional bird leader.  Soon, we shall post another  “Best Trip Hightlights”, since we will have a Superb Birding Trip, starting on Feb. 23rd. covering some of the rarest & endemic birds of Brazil, at the Brazilian Northeast.
We, truly, hope that the vaccine represent the beginning of the end of the Pandemic. If, you have the desire to visit Brazil, either for a Photo Safari, Birding or Mammal Tour, please, don´t hesitate in contacting us. We are, already, taking reservations for 2022 and 2023.



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